Care tips for your Antelope textiles

To ensure that you can enjoy your EMS products for a long time, we have summarised the most important care tips for you here.

Before washing

A man with greying hair prepares the washing process for Antelope's EMS suit. He stands next to a sink and puts the EMS textiles into the washing net. The man has a grey beard and is wearing a green shirt and white trousers. A bathroom can be seen in the background.
  • You can wash your EMS Suit either by hand or in the washing machine
  • The washing machine should be as full as possible. This will prevent the booster holder from hitting the drum.
One person puts the mobile EMS suit from Antelope into the washing net provided and then puts the suit in the washing machine. The person is visible up to the chest and is wearing a khaki-coloured shirt and white trousers. A washbasin can be seen in the background.
  • Choose a gentle wash cycle for your EMS textiles at max. 30°C. The machine should spin at a maximum of 800 revolutions.
  • Do not use fabric softener when washing. The Antelope textiles must not be dry-cleaned or bleached.
  • Do not include the Booster in the wash!
A person puts the green wash caps over the USB-C connection of Antelope's EMS suit. The person's hands can be seen. A wash basin can be seen in the background.
  • Use the washing net supplied to protect your EMS Suit. Green washing caps are attached to the washing net.
  • Place these over the USB-C connection before washing.
  • Remember to remove them again after washing. The EMS textiles can stain!
The EMS Shirt from Antelope lies folded up on a bed. Beige bed linen and a carpet with grey and yellow patterns can be seen.

After washing

  • Do not tumble dry your EMS Suit, do not wring out the textiles
  • Do not wring out the textiles.
  • Do not iron your Antelope training products.
  • It is best to keep the EMS textiles and the Booster protected in a cupboard. They must not be left in the sun.

Cleaning and care of the Booster

The Booster is the centrepiece of your Antelope products. To ensure that it gives your suit strength for a long time, you should treat it well.

The Evolution booster of the EMS suit can be seen on a white background. It is black and round and has a bluish LED ring on the edge. The Antelope logo can be seen in white at the top.

How to care for the booster of your EMS suit correctly:

  • Never put the Evolution Booster and the charging cable in the washing machine.
  • Clean the the booster exclusively with a fine microfibre cloth.
  • Do not use chemical cleaners or scouring milk.
  • Store the booster from your EMS suit in a cool, dry place and put it in the pocket and put it in the pocket provided.

Has the booster accidentally ended up in the washing machine? You can find replacement appliances in our shop.

Clean the EMS Suit even without washing

You don't have to wash your Antelope textiles after every workout. You can also proceed as follows:

  • Wipe the silicone electrodes with a slightly damp microfibre cloth and then dry them.
  • Hang your EMS Suit on a hanger and let it air out. Make sure that it does not hang directly in the sun.
  • You can also spray your EMS textiles with a textile hygiene spray.

Travelling with your Antelope products: What you need to keep in mind

Your Antelope suit is a great companion for your sports trip. But it needs to be transported with care. Here's how it works:

Two middle-aged men are talking on the web in the gym. The man on the right is wearing the Antelope suit with leggings, the man on the left is carrying his suit in a sports bag.
  • Make sure that your EMS Suit and the silicone silicone electrodes are dry before you pack them away.
  • When folding the Antelope textiles, make sure that the high-tech silicone electrodes are not kinked.
  • Pack the Evolution Booster into the booster bag - so you can keep it safe.

High-quality material makes your EMS suit durable

Antelope textiles are made from Italian knitwear, which is characterised by its high quality. The composition of elastane, polypropylene and polyamide gives the EMS Suit a figure-shaping effect. At the same time, the material is stretchy and breathable. This means that bad odours can hardly settle in your training clothing. Only high quality electrodes manufactured in the EU are used in Antelope products. This makes your EMS Suit particularly safe. The different functional zones stimulate individual muscle groups in a targeted manner and thus support your training success.

Sustainable training: repair service for your EMS products from Antelope

We want you to love your Antelope products for a long time. That's why you have a 12-month guarantee. Within this period, you can have defects repaired free of charge in our workshop. Sustainability is important to us: we offer you a repair service at fair prices, which you can take advantage of after the warranty period. Our motto: Repair instead of throwing away and buying new.


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