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Get started with your first EMS workout

You have set yourself the goal to finally get fit, recover from an injury or really want to take off in your favorite sport? You've already taken the first step: You're holding your Antelope product in your hands! There's not much missing and you can start your first EMS training. We'll go through all the information with you step by step so you can get started.

First steps: Here's what needs to be done before you start training

Before your first Antelope EMS workout begins, you'll need to set up your app and register your products. Here's how:

1. Download the app and create an account

To be able to train with your EMS suit, you will need the app Antelope Go. You can find it in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store. When you start the app for the first time, you need to create a user account if you do not yet have a Beurer account. Now all the functions of the app are available to you. More information about the app Antelope Go:

The Antelope Evolution Booster can be seen. It is black-greyish as well as round and has several buttons. On the edge there is an LED ring that glows blue. At the top in the middle there is the Antelope logo.

2. Connect and register your Booster

The Booster is the heart of your EMS system and provides you with the right power. Start by turning on the Booster. Press the power button for three seconds. The LED light will now circle the ring twice and stop "at 12 o'clock"

Register your Booster in the app by clicking on "More" and "My Equipment". This is very quick -  promised!

On a smartphone, the registration of Antelope's EMS textiles via barcode can be seen in the app Antelope Go. An Antelope EMS textile can be seen in the background.

3. Register your textiles

  • Select "Add products".
  • There is a barcode on the hem of your textile. You can recognize it by the pictogram of the mobile phone. You will also find the code on the hangtag. Scan it with the app.
  • While scanning, wait until the app recognizes the code and hold your cell phone steady. If the app does not recognize the code, you can enter it manually.

Note: Sometimes the code in the hem of your garment wears off a bit over time. We therefore recommend that you keep the hang tag with the app registration code.

Your first EMS workout with Antelope is about to begin

A young woman puts on the Antelope EMS suit in a changing room. She wears her dark blonde hair in a ponytail and looks focused to the left. Her hands are on the front zipper of the EMS shirt.

4. Put on the suit

Now get into your equipment! You might be asking yourself: What else should I wear for EMS training? The answer: your Antelope EMS clothes, shoes and nothing else. Ideally, you should not wear underwear, so that the electrodes have good contact with the skin, also on the buttocks and chest. Open all the zippers on the shirt and slip into it. First close the middle zipper and then the side ones.

A person connects the Antelope EMS Shirt to the Antelope EMS pants via integrated cable.

5. Connect USB-C and insert the Booster

If you train with Antelope Shorts or Leggings, run the cable from the shorts or leggings through the tunnel on the shirt and plug it into the USB-C connection.

The picture shows how to insert the Booster into the holder of the Antelope EMS suit.

Now place the Booster in the holder. This is very easy if you tilt it a little and then let the magnets attract it.

Three black smartphones with different screens of the app Antelope Go are seen. The screens show the categories of the EMS programmes, a programme description and the intensity control.

6. Select your first programme

Before you start your workout, select the desired programme in the app Antelope Go. For the start, we recommend the programmes "Endurance Basic" and "Strength Basic". However, you can also start with any other programme. After the workout, regeneration programmes such as "Mindful Regeneration" are recommended. To get started, it's best to try out different programmes to get a feel for the type of EMS stimulation - it's guaranteed to pay off.

You can customize each program according to your needs. With the intensity, for example, you control how strongly the electrodes stimulate your muscles. Depending on the program, you can also change the duration, the increase assistant and Duty Cycle. You can find out exactly how this works in the instruction manual in the chapter "Application: Quick start" (p. 31 onwards).

Good to know

On the basis of scientific studies we recommend 15 minutes of training with a low intensity of up to 20 % for a pleasant start. This is the best way for your body to get used to the new training intensity.

Learn more about your EMS training:

Training tips

The icon shows a calendar to display how often it is allowed to workout.

You should workout max. 2 to 3 times per week.

The icon shows a resting body to represent regeneration.

Give your body enough time to regenerate.

The icon shows a lightning bolt with a stopwatch to indicate that you should not exercise for more than 30 minutes.

You should not exercise for more than 30 minutes.

The icon shows a running person to represent that it is necessary to listen to the body.

Listen to your body and know your limits.

The icon shows a drop of water to represent that you should drink a lot of water.

Drink plenty of water.

The icon shows a warning triangle to indicate that the training should be stopped if you feel unwell.

If you feel unwell or experience any discomfort during training, stop immediately.

A person weighs theirself after training with the Antelope mobile EMS suit and tracks the successes in the app Antelope Go. The person can be seen up to below the chest and has white painted fingernails. A bathroom with a wooden floor can be seen around the person.

7. After your effective EMS workout: Keep track of your achievements

You have been working hard and have given everything? Then celebrate not only your good body feeling but also your training successes! In the menu item " Achievements" you will find the tab "Body values". Here, you can track how your body is changing and let facts and figures speak for you.

Save the daily values of:

  • Weight
  • Body fat percentage
  • Muscle percentage
  • Water content

This can be done in two ways:

  1. Manually, click on the button "Add data manually" at the end of the screen.
  2. Automatically via a Beurer smart scale and the app "beurer HealthManager Pro" (the data must be entered correctly). Activate the slider "Synchronise data" in the tab "Body values" at the end of the screen.


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