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High-tech EMS equipment

Fine, high-quality knitwear that gently hugs your skin: With Antelope Evolution, you can train in high-tech fashion. And you won't just look good, you'll also get fit effectively. Our high-quality products offer you EMS training at the highest level and a whole host of benefits: from comfortable silicone electrodes and a special fit to a flexible, modular system.

A young woman and a middle-aged man perform a stretching exercise together in Antelope's mobile EMS suit. They sit next to each other on a black floor and grin at each other as they each stretch their left leg. A gym can be seen in the background.

Antelope EMS Shirt and Tank Top

With the EMS Shirt and Tank Top, you can effectively stimulate the muscles in your stomach and back. The Shirt also has electrodes in the chest, biceps and triceps area.

The docking station for the Evolution Booster is located on the EMS upper parts. The EMS device is securely anchored there - even during intensive sports sessions. This means you can also use the Shirt and Tank Top as a stand-alone product.

An illustration shows that a sports bra is integrated into the fabric of the Antelope EMS shirt. The sports bra can be seen on the left in gray, next to it is a light blue arrow pointing to the women's EMS shirt by Antelope.
For targeted training impulses

EMS products especially for the female body

Unisex ist passé: we have tailored the fit precisely to female proportions and also integrated a sports bra. This ensures comfort and support when exercising.

We have also anatomically adapted the electrodes: position, size and shape have been optimized. As a result, Antelope's EMS products provide intensive training impulses in exactly the right places.

A young woman supports a young man in a stretching exercise while both are wearing the mobile EMS suit by Antelope. The woman stands to the left of the man, who is sitting on the floor, and helps him to improve his stretching exercise. A fitness studio can be seen in the background.

Antelope EMS Shorts and Leggings

Efficient training for the large muscle groups: The Antelope EMS Shorts form the basis for an intensive full-body workout with the EMS Suit. We have recently added the Antelope EMS Leggings to our range. This gives you a "long suit" that stimulates your muscles from the neck to the calves.

An illustration of the Antelope Go app, the Antelope EMS textiles and the Antelope booster. The graphic shows that different Antelope EMS textiles can be combined with each other depending on the training needs and that the intensity of the electrical muscle stimulation can be freely adjusted.

The right textile for your training goal

Antelope by beurer offers you a suitable and easy start to your EMS training and supports you in your daily sports routine. Our modular system adapts to your routines, favorite sports and fitness goals. Want more? Integrate the many other Beurer products into your daily routine: from massage guns to digital body scales.

Fine elastic material that adapts to your body

Our Antelope EMS textiles are made from 54% polyamide, 36% polypropylene and 10% elastane. This mixture ensures high-quality products with many advantages:

A young woman trains her strength with the mobile EMS suit by Antelope. She holds on to two ropes with both hands and lets her body fall to the side. A stone wall can be seen in the background and a fitness studio can be guessed.
  • They fit and shape your figure.
  • Do you want to lose weight with the EMS suit? Our material is very stretchy and compensates for up to one dress size difference. Conversely, your textiles will still fit even if you are already seeing visible results in muscle growth.
  • The yarn composition is breathable and cools your skin even during sweaty training sessions. This keeps you and your Antelope textile fresh - bad odors can hardly settle.
  • Easy care: Simply put your EMS suit in the washing machine on the hand wash program at 30 degrees. (But don't forget to remove the booster first!)
The EMS suit by Antelope and its features can be seen on a graphic. The silicone electrodes of the EMS suit are highlighted in blue neon color.  The Evolution Booster can also be seen and the words "functional zones, high wearing comfort, figure shaping, breathable" and "extra thin electrode structure" are written.
Our new features

Optimized fit and electrodes - more comfort for you!

With the Antelope Evolution range, you get the latest generation of EMS suits. We have further developed our products for you and added some great new features. What we are particularly proud of: We focus on customized garments for men's and women's bodies. This offers you improved support, a secure feel and silicone electrodes in exactly the places where you need them. We have also integrated a sports bra into the women's models. These are available in sizes XS to XL. The men's models are available in sizes S to XXL. Inaccurate fits are a thing of the past with Evolution!

Even more features

  • More and optimized silicone electrodes: With the suit combination of shirt and leggings, you can now stimulate all relevant muscle groups for a full-body workout. We have improved the position, size and shape of the high-tech silicone electrodes. The now up to 20 electrodes give you a unique training sensation.
  • The Antelope Shirt and the Antelope Tank Top are each equipped with three zippers. This means you can pull them on comfortably and the electrodes fit exactly where they are supposed to work.

In the Evolution series, you train with the latest generation of high-tech silicone electrodes developed in Germany. They are so thin that they lie comfortably and flatteringly on the skin. Their shape is adapted to the structure of the human body and muscle groups. The electrodes also consist of several layers and are finished with special, conductive silicone. This ensures an even pulse sensation on the skin.

  • New design with functional zones: Our Antelope textiles are stylish, modern and functional. So you'll always cut a good figure. New are special functional zones in the EMS tops and pants. The elastic areas make the suit particularly dimensionally stable and increase wearing comfort. The compact zone supports and shapes the figure. The ventilation zone ensures "pleasant sweating".
  • Modular system: You are free to decide what you want to train in. With just a shirt or tank top or do you expand your equipment with EMS shorts or leggings? Every top can be combined with every pair of trousers.
  • USB-C and mobile phone pocket for more comfort: Always both hands free during training and no more loose cables - simply stow the connection cable in the USB pocket. Your smartphone and the Antelope Go app are always to hand in the phone case.

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