Experiences with EMS training from Antelope

Personal trainers, studio owners, sports physicians and fitness enthusiasts are convinced by Antelope. Find out more about their experiences with EMS training.

For all those who want to achieve more, the EMS suit from Antelope is just right!

Angelique Kerber

Professional tennis player

Angelique Kerber uses her experience with EMS training from Antelope for her tennis training. She can be seen from the front, from her head to above her knees. Angelique wears her blonde hair in a plait and swings a tennis racket. The plain wall of a sports hall can be seen in the background.
Stefan Feilen achieves a good performance in the ultra-distance cycling race after preparing with EMS training from Antelope. He can be seen in the centre of the picture from the side on his racing bike, smiling at the camera. A meadow can be seen in the background.

"I've been training according to a training plan for a long time, but with the Antelope EMS suit you can really get a lot more out of it."

Stefan Feilen

Ultra-distance cyclist

Cedric Meissner benefits from his training experience with EMS from Antelope when playing table tennis. He hits a table tennis ball with a table tennis bat on a table tennis table. Cedric can be seen from his head to below his knees slightly to the right of the centre of the picture. A sports hall can be seen in the background.

"Since I've been training with the suit, I definitely feel fitter. My training is less time-consuming and I'm surprised that the workouts can be so strenuous."

Cedric Meissner

Professional table tennis player and German youth champion

I would recommend the suit to anyone - especially tennis players and team-mates, because I have seen that EMS training has great effects. You can train anywhere and do any exercise with it.

Sophia Bergner

Tennis player and fitness coach

Andreas Böhm benefits from EMS training with Antelope during a scooter race. He can be seen slightly to the side in the centre of the picture, from head to toe on a scooter. A grey barrier fence can be seen in the background.

"With the suit, I was able to shorten two of my training sessions to 20 minutes and still have a great effect. That's brilliant, of course."

Andreas Böhm

German champion - scooter sport

I have tried many EMS systems, Antelope was the best of them.

Nicole Schwendiger

Energetics, EMS training & sound

Christoph Rüsseler kickboxes as a personal trainer in the EMS suit from Antelope. He can be seen slightly to the left of the picture, with a boxing ball on the right. Christoph can be recognised from his head to his hips. A living room can be seen in the background.

"I have had very good experiences with EMS training from Antelope: muscle soreness guaranteed, regardless of my customers' performance level."

Christoph Rüsseler

Personal Trainer

Thanks to Antelope, I can now train effectively despite my busy schedule.


Paediatrician and young mother

Two people are sitting on a sofa and talking about their EMS experience as personal trainers. They are in a white room. One of the people is a young man in a light-coloured shirt and is sitting on the left of the picture. The person on the right is the personal trainer Karsten. He is wearing black clothing.

"Antelope targets more muscles than conventional EMS products."


EMS trainer

Having been able to get a good impression of the mobile EMS suit from Antelope myself, I would definitely recommend it. Especially for those who lead a hectic lifestyle, have little time and are perhaps looking for a new training stimulus. The product is perfect for this.

Dr. Lutz Graumman

Doctor for sports medicine, chirotherapy & nutritional medicine

Presenter Anna Kraft is convinced by EMS training with Antelope. She wears the mobile EMS suit from Antelope and looks into the camera with a smile. She wears her long blonde hair in a ponytail and has her hands clasped at her sides. Windows can be seen in the background.

"Ultra-tight training gear, really exhausting and guaranteed sore muscles...."

Anna Kraft


Further experiences with Antelope

"I can train anywhere with my suit, which has also helped me a lot during the corona period. The service is also good, I can only recommend it. Keep up the good work!"


Antelope customer

"I've just ordered the EMS suit and it's really good. The patches for the electrodes are really big and sensitive, even at 20% intensity it trains the muscles very well. It's also good for massaging tired muscles. The customer service is great, I can only recommend the company."


Antelope customer

"...I love the freedom of not having wires connected to a station and being able to go outside into nature to walk a bit. The company has always been very approachable with a friendly attitude and resolving my concerns..."


Antelope customer

"From the very beginning, I've been enthusiastic about the many possibilities with the suit, whether indoors or outdoors, effective training is possible everywhere!"


Antelope customer

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