EMS studies Sports and Fitness

Being fit, building muscle, achieving good sports performance – according to some study results, this is possible with electrical muscle stimulation training. The following overview shows you what research findings already exist about training with EMS. And the studies show: EMS training offers you advantages – both in terms of sports and fitness as well as of health.

This is what electrical muscle stimulation training can do

EMS training can help to improve maximum strength and target specific muscle groups – leg, abdominal, arm and back muscles. Strength endurance and speed can also be trained with the help of EMS, resulting in improved sports performance. In particular, sprint time and jumping power can be enhanced by EMS training. In addition, some studies show the possibility of improving maximum oxygen consumption with the help of EMS training, which plays an important role in sports performance. Electrical muscle stimulation training has also turned out to be a suitable training supplement for certain sports such as soccer, swimming or tennis.

The following overview provides you with the most important findings from EMS studies. With a click on the respective topic, you learn more about the study results. Some studies can be assigned to several topics and are therefore listed multiple times. We have summarized the studies about health separately for you. It should be noted that some studies have limitations. These include small samples or limited gender and age distributions within the samples.

Sports and fitness

Maximum strength

Speed strength

Power endurance

Building and strengthening the musculature

Leg muscles

Back muscles

Arm muscles

Abdominal muscles

Oxygen consumption



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