Revolutionise your sport

Redefining your love of sport: Your path to the next level!

Intensify your training sessions: You can easily integrate electro-muscle stimulation into existing routines and use it for your sport. For training, to activate before competitions or to regenerate after your top performance.

A young man takes a break from cycling with the mobile EMS suit from Antelope.

Suitable for many types of sport

With EMS from Antelope, you can train for your favourite sport and your competition line. Our Evolution system gives you the support you need and helps you get more out of your training. From everyday and popular sports to professional competitive sports.

A young man sprints in the mobile EMS suit from Antelope.

Your EMS training with Antelope - as unique as your goals

No matter what sport you are passionate about: from cycling to tennis, from boxing to skiing - EMS supports you in your training to take you to the next level. In elite and popular sports. EMS can help you build on the foundations of your performance. 

Our current EMS sports programs:

  • Running
  • Bicycle
  • Boxing
  • Ski
  • Golf
  • Tennis
  • CrossFit
  • Activation
  • After the competition
  • Resistance
Program details


Power yourself up and increase your training intensity while running or jogging. \nOur tip: Only start the program shortly after you have started your training and warmed up. In this way you will create a good connection between the electrodes and your skin.

Frequency: 40Hz

Pulswidth: 350µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25


Step on the pedals while the EMS program simultaneously stimulates your muscles: The continuous stimuli are adapted to the load while you are cycling. Choose between short high-intensity training sessions and longer low-intensity training sessions.

Frequency: 40Hz

Pulswidth: 250µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25


Jabs, cross-hits and – punches all call for endurance, speed, and striking power as the decisive factors for success. The boxing program sends continuous impulses to your muscles. This means that you are guaranteed to cut a good figure, whether you are using a punch bag or standing in front of the mirror. The pulse length of 400 µs ensures that your muscles are activated deep down.

Frequency: 40Hz

Pulswidth: 400µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20


Skiing puts your muscles under different types of loads. This high-intensity interval program is reflected in winter sports: The legs and torso receive different training impulses over just 80 seconds. 40 seconds of strength is followed by 20 seconds of endurance and 20 seconds of regeneration. This means that the frequency also changes: 85 Hz, 40 Hz, and 20 Hz.

Frequency: 20-85Hz

Pulswidth: 150-400µs

Duty Cycle: [4,4]

Duration (min.): 4, 8, 12


Improve your stability and tee-off speed without compromising on dynamics. Use the golf program alongside your normal exercises.\nOur tip: Train twice per week with EMS support.

Frequency: 40Hz

Pulswidth: 350µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20


Game, set, and match: Get more from your tennis training! Work on your endurance and prepare for your next tennis match. The tennis program is perfect for exercising your striking power and explosive movements more intensively.

Frequency: 40Hz

Pulswidth: 400µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20


What is your workout of the day today? Maximum strength or endurance? No matter what's ahead, you'll get a lot out of the exercise with this program, and you will create an intensive training stimulus! This EMS program is just as versatile as CrossFit itself: 40 seconds of strength followed by 20 seconds of endurance and 20 seconds of regeneration.

Frequency: 20-85Hz

Pulswidth: 150-400µs

Duty Cycle: [4,4]

Duration (min.): 4, 8, 12


Warm yourself as well as your muscles up before the competition: The program stimulates the circulation and brings you up to a workout temperature. Different frequencies ensure that you are well prepared for the strain.

Frequency: 5-70Hz

Pulswidth: 300-350µs

Duty Cycle: [4,4]

Duration (min.): 10

After the competition

After the competition is before the competition: This program promotes active recovery. This means that you can get back to training quickly. A wide range of frequencies loosens your muscles and promotes circulation.\nTip: Select your intensities according to the competitive loading you are used to.

Frequency: 5-100Hz

Pulswidth: 200-350µs

Duty Cycle: [1,1]

Duration (min): 11


A short session of 9 minutes to promote your resistance and prepare yourself. The program uses 3 different frequencies: 50, 60 and 70 Hz to activate your muscles over a wider spectrum. The pulse length of 300 µs ensures a moderate response.

Frequency: 5-70Hz

Pulswidth: 300µs

Duty Cycle: [4,4]

Duration (min.): 9

Dr Graumann shares his experience of the potential of EMS

An illustration of the Antelope Go app, the Antelope EMS textiles and the Antelope Booster. The graphic shows that different Antelope EMS textiles can be combined with each other depending on the training requirements and that the intensity of the electrical muscle stimulation can be freely adjusted.
  • EMS the way you love it: train wet or dry thanks to the high-quality silicone electrodes
  • Track your results and recognise your progress. Muscle, fat and water percentage as well as weight can be measured manually and with the Beurer smart scales.
  • Flexibility is everything in sport and everyday life. With Antelope, you always have your training equipment with you. Our sportswear is functional, comfortable and can be worn comfortably even during longer training sessions.
  • Easy to clean - because after training is before training. The Evolution series from Antelope is machine washable at 30 degrees Celsius.
  • The modular system is expandable and therefore offers the right equipment for many different sports and training goals.
  • Suitable for individual and group training, individual and team sports, for outdoor and indoor sessions.

Supporting your passion

We all fight for something that drives us. Some train to finally hit the ground running, others to come back or regain what they've lost. No matter what you are training for or how ambitious your goals are, train with passion, believe in yourself and your goals. Achieving your best performance also means breaking through your own limits. So make your training something special and get as much out of it as you can. Why? Because the next level drives you and because good is not always good enough. So be smart and make the most of the opportunities that come your way. Use the best techniques and methods, the best equipment to achieve your goals. Share your experiences with people who share your passion. Be it athletes, training partners, coaches or role models.

Two young women are working out in a fitness studio with the mobile EMS clothing from Antelope.

Regardless of your goal - whether you want to lose weight, are recovering from an injury, want to win your next competition or want to get fit for everyday life. Whatever challenges you are currently facing - you can grow beyond yourself. Remember: you are more than your successes and defeats. You are the result of your journey and your goals. Everyone needs support along the way and we all face seemingly insurmountable challenges. But how we deal with them defines who we are, who you are. So get going, don't let anything stop you and realise your dreams - with Antelope by your side as your reliable support.


Angelique Kerber benefits in tennis from her EMS training with Antelope. Angelique swings a tennis racket in front of her body and looks to the left with a smile. She wears her blonde hair in a plait.

For all those who want to achieve more, the EMS suit by Antelope is just right!

Angelique Kerber

Tennis professional

The Ratiopharm Ulm logo can be seen. It shows the name of the team and a basketball.

We congratulate Ratiopharm Ulm on the German Championship 2023.

Andreas Böhm benefits from EMS training with Antelope while riding his pedal scooter. He can be seen in black sportswear on his red pedal scooter.

With the suit, I was able to shorten two of my workouts to 20 minutes and still have a great effect. That's brilliant, of course.

Andreas Böhm

German Champion Pedal Scooter Sports

Sophia Bergner uses the EMS suit by Antelope for her tennis training. She smiles and gives a handshake to a person who is not recognizable in the photo. Sophia wears her blonde hair in a plait.

I have achieved great effects with the suit, I really recommend it to everyone.

Sophia Bergner

German tennis player

Stefan Feilen benefits from EMS training with Antelope during his bike race. He can be seen from the side on his racing bike in cycling gear, smiling at the camera. A field can be seen in the background.

I've been training according to a training plan for a long time, but with the EMS suit by Antelope you can really tease out a lot more.

Stefan Feilen

Ultra distance bike racer

Cedric Meissner benefits from EMS training with Antelope while playing table tennis. He hits a table tennis ball with a table tennis bat and looks concentrated. Cedric has short, blond hair.

Since I've been training with the suit, I definitely feel fitter. My training is less time-consuming and I'm surprised that the workouts can be so strenuous.

Cedric Meissner

Professional table tennis player and German youth champion

Christoph Rüsseler benefits from EMS training with Antelope while kickboxing. He performs a punching movement and looks intently into the camera. He wears red boxing bandages on his hands.

I've made good experiences with EMS trainings by Antelope: muscle soreness guaranteed, regardless of my clients' fitness level.

Christoph Rüsseler

Personal Trainer

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