Boost your business with EMS from Antelope

You are probably only familiar with EMS training in special studios? That's not the case with us: whether you are a personal trainer, physiotherapist or own a gym, Antelope offers a flexible solution for effective EMS training. Your clients can train under your guidance at your premises, outdoors or via an online course. You also decide which courses, training plans, workouts and exercises are right for them.

You can also integrate the EMS products rom Antelope into your training sessions and select the appropriate EMS programs. The electrical impulses support and reinforce the natural training processes of your customers. EMS training is a growing market and is becoming increasingly popular - find out how you too can use EMS for you and your clients!

A young woman and a man are training in the EMS suit from Antelope. They both have brown hair. The man sits on the floor and stretches his left arm upwards. The woman is supporting her arm for a stretching exercise. A fitness studio can be seen in the background.

Become an Antelope partner as an affiliate or reseller

Imagine that as an employer you utilise your existing customer potential even better and offer more for your customers at the same time! The idea is that you draw attention to our solutions on site and your customers can try them out on site. From your own EMS equipment through to many other great  products from Beurer such as e.g. from our massage series. You'll also receive concentrated marketing support and exciting test products from us.

A group of young to middle-aged people are sitting on a couch and regenerating after a workout. They are wearing EMS suits from Antelope. The four people are using a massage gun and a massage ball from Beurer, among other things, to relax.

More sales with the Beurer Experience Stage

We provide you with selected products that you and your customers can try out to your heart's content. A great experience that you can easily offer in your store. Have you aroused your customers' curiosity? Then the first important step has been taken. Now we'll support you with sales and dispatch. We will then pay you your commission transparently on a monthly basis.

The only condition: You are on board for at least twelve months. As a reseller, you buy and sell the products to your customers. You receive a monthly commission for every successful referral. The best way to find out which solution suits you best is to talk to us! What do you think?

The EMS suit from Antelope and its features can be seen on a graphic. The silicone electrodes of the EMS suit are highlighted in blue neon color. The Evolution Booster can also be seen and the words "functional zones, high wearing comfort, figure-shaping, breathable" and "extra-thin electrode structure" are written.

Your advantages with Antelope

With electrical stimulation (EMS), electrodes send an electrical impulse to the muscles and thus support the body's natural training processes. Your customers benefit from this because:

  • The training is particularly effective: up to 90 % of the muscle fibres are addressed.
  • Especially for sports and movement-specific exercises in particular, the suit opens up a new dimension of possibilities.
  • The regeneration units are included with the EMS technology from Antelope.
  • It is a time-saving full-body workout, 20 minutes is enough.
  • EMS is suitable for every performance level and also for suitable for losing weight.
  • EMS from Antelope fits almost every concept and training style. Over 40 EMS programs and the app control ensure simple and individual handling.

The unique control concept allows you to concentrate fully on your customers. Supervision-intensive components, such as intensity control, are handled by the trainees themselves.

How the whole thing works

Together, we will figure out what equipment you need and how much. EMS workouts are short and the products are washable. For you this means: start with just a few training stations - when you start seeing success you can expand flexibly. With Antelope, you can organise both individual courses and larger group courses for 10-20 people. We adapt to your needs and support you - also with financing. Our partnership works transparently and flexibly, without franchise or toggle contracts.

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Our affiliate programm allows you to authentically integrate Antelope products into your content and earn attractive commissions. With no obligations and comprehensive marketing support, exciting co-operation opportunities are open to you.

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