EMS home training or EMS studio?

With EMS from Antelope, you can train effectively, intensively and quickly. And because you can easily take your EMS equipment with you wherever you go, you can also train flexibly: whether alone at home or with professional guidance in the studio. But why should you opt for EMS training with Antelope - especially from a financial perspective?

In comparison: EMS studio and Antelope EMS training at home

We have compared the costs of the Antelope EMS suit with those of the EMS studio. As a basis for our calculation, we assumed once a week EMS training over a period of two years - both for the costs in the EMS studio and for the costs with our EMS suit with shorts. Our comparison speaks for itself:

Comparison of the costs with the mobile EMS suit from Antelope and the costs in the EMS studio. The illustration shows that the purchase of the EMS suit from Antelope can save € 640.60 after two years.
A young woman performs a fitness exercise on the back extension machine while wearing the mobile EMS suit from Antelope. She looks intently to the left. A fitness studio can be seen in the background.

EMS studio: you should expect these costs

The cost of a training session with electrical muscle stimulation is around €19.90 in many EMS studios. In some places, the training fees are even significantly higher: in some EMS studios, you pay a monthly fee of more than €120. If you train once a week in an EMS studio, the fees in our example amount to €2,069.90 (€19.90 x 104 weeks) after two years.

Good support and guidance definitely justify this price. So let a gym show you how to do the exercises properly, get advice, write training plans and take advantage of the opportunities offered by professional support.

Additional costs at the EMS Studio

In addition to the training fees, most EMS studios also charge a one-off admission fee, which can vary in amount. These are usually between €10 and €50. In addition, there are often costs for the functional underwear to be worn under the EMS clothing. These amount to around €30 to €50. On average, in our experience, additional costs of €70 can be expected in the EMS studio, which are added to the training fees. According to our calculations, after two years of training you can expect total costs of €2,139.60 at the EMS studio (€2,069.60 + €70).

How your Antelope EMS equipment pays off for you

An Antelope EMS suit with leggings costs you €1,499 once. If you train twice a week over a period of two years, an EMS training session with our one EMS training session with our EMS suit will only cost you €14.41.

According to our calculation, this saves you €5.49 per training session with the Antelope EMS suit compared to training in many EMS studios. Because there, you often pay at least €19.90 per training session. In total, with Antelope you will save €640.60 over a period of two years compared to training in an EMS studio!

Good to know

With Antelope products, you can train for several years. Our personal customer service team is also on hand to answer your questions. And if something does go wrong, we offer you a free inspection of your Antelope products and a repair service from €35.90 outside the warranty period.

A young woman is helping a young man with a stretching exercise while both are wearing the mobile EMS suit from Antelope. The woman stands to the left of the man, who is sitting on the floor, and helps him to improve his stretching exercise. A fitness studio can be seen in the background.

Our recommendation: Hybrid EMS training in the studio and at home.

Why have just one form of training when you can have both? Because it clearly shows: EMS training and mobile EMS training with Antelope in a double pack are worthwhile!

And this is how it works: you train at least once every 1-2 weeks under the professional guidance of experts in a fitness or EMS studio. The rest of the time, you train flexibly at home with the same training plan or simply wherever you happen to be. This way, you can firmly tackle your goals and your weaker self will have a really hard time.

So what are you waiting for? Start looking for a suitable studio - and also work out from home.

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