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According to studies, EMS training can help you to live a healthy lifestyle. The following overview shows you which research findings already exist about electrical muscle stimulation training. Because many studies show: EMS training offers you advantages – both in terms of sports and fitness as wall as health.

This is what training with electrical muscle stimulation can do

Several studies show the possibility of reducing body fat percentage with the help of electrical muscle stimulation. In addition to improving physical fitness and sports performance, EMS training can also be helpful in relieving certain diagnosed ailments, such as pain and tension in the back. Also, EMS can be used to relieve incontinence. EMS training can also be a support on the way to a pain-free everyday life – and also in the prevention of such pain. According to researchers, people who have certain diseases, such as chronic heart failure, osteoporosis or sarcopenia, can also benefit from EMS training.

The following overview provides you with the most important findings from the EMS studies. With a click on the respective topic, you learn more about the study results. Some studies can be assigned to several topics and are therefore listed multiple times. We have summarized the studies about sports and fitness separately for you. It should be noted that some studies have limitations. These include small samples or limited gender and age distributions within the samples.


Reduction of the body fat percentage

Relief from discomfort

Back pain


Support for diseases


Metabolic syndrome

Chronic heart failure

Type 2 diabetes

Fit at old age




Metabolic syndrome

Chronic heart failure


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