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You can simply get started

EMS training is suitable for many fitness levels and performance levels - regardless of whether you are just beginning or already a professional.

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Short workouts are enough for you

EMS training sessions of 20 minutes are short and concise. They stimulate many muscles intensively at the same time - which saves time in everyday life.

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Revolutionize your training

Many athletes rely on the innovative possibilities of EMS to support training, regeneration and competitions.

Discover Antelope Evolution

Get inspired by how your training will change and discover the innovations of the new EMS products.

Why do EMS trainings have such an intensive effect?

When you exert yourself, your body sends electrical signals to your muscles. EMS supports and intensifies this process from the outside - making your training even more effective.
You want to know more? Find out everything about EMS here

The picture shows a man on a balance board wearing Antelope's EMS suit.

Easy and flexible

A short workout that is easy to do and effective at the same time. How does it work? With electrical muscle stimulation (EMS) by Antelope! This allows you to strengthen the body's own processes that occur during the workout.

Be smart and work out with Antelope

EMS appeals to you, but you don't know if it's worth it for you? Look at it another way: with the EMS suit by Antelope you can achieve great results and save money at the same time. Why? You will probably work out more regularly and from home, or simply wherever you want. This means you are no longer dependent on the gym for training. You are much more free to decide whether you want to combine the Antelope products with your gym or EMS studio visits or if you take a break. And if we don't convince you within 30 days, we'll even give you your money back, guaranteed!

Do you want an intensive workout? That's what you get with the EMS suit from Antelope. And the best thing is - you can take it with you wherever you go!

Angelique Kerber

Professional tennis player


Angelique Kerber benefits in tennis from her EMS training with Antelope. Angelique swings a tennis racket in front of her body and looks to the left with a smile. She wears her blonde hair in a plait.

For all those who want to achieve more, the EMS suit by Antelope is just right!

Angelique Kerber

Tennis professional

The collaboration with Antelope enables our athletes to achieve their training goals more effectively.

Stefan Scheidnagel

Director of Competitive Sports Development Baden-Württemberg

The Ratiopharm Ulm logo can be seen. It shows the name of the team and a basketball.

We congratulate Ratiopharm Ulm on the German Championship 2023.

Andreas Böhm benefits from EMS training with Antelope while riding his pedal scooter. He can be seen in black sportswear on his red pedal scooter.

With the suit, I was able to shorten two of my workouts to 20 minutes and still have a great effect. That's brilliant, of course.

Andreas Böhm

German Champion Pedal Scooter Sports

Sophia Bergner uses the EMS suit by Antelope for her tennis training. She smiles and gives a handshake to a person who is not recognizable in the photo. Sophia wears her blonde hair in a plait.

I have achieved great effects with the suit, I really recommend it to everyone.

Sophia Bergner

German tennis player

Stefan Feilen benefits from EMS training with Antelope during his bike race. He can be seen from the side on his racing bike in cycling gear, smiling at the camera. A field can be seen in the background.

I've been training according to a training plan for a long time, but with the EMS suit by Antelope you can really tease out a lot more.

Stefan Feilen

Ultra distance bike racer

Cedric Meissner benefits from EMS training with Antelope while playing table tennis. He hits a table tennis ball with a table tennis bat and looks concentrated. Cedric has short, blond hair.

Since I've been training with the suit, I definitely feel fitter. My training is less time-consuming and I'm surprised that the workouts can be so strenuous.

Cedric Meissner

Professional table tennis player and German youth champion

Christoph Rüsseler benefits from EMS training with Antelope while kickboxing. He performs a punching movement and looks intently into the camera. He wears red boxing bandages on his hands.

I've made good experiences with EMS trainings by Antelope: muscle soreness guaranteed, regardless of my clients' fitness level.

Christoph Rüsseler

Personal Trainer

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Your advantages with Antelope

30-day money-back guarantee

Test now the EMS products by Antelope for 30 days. If you are not satisfied, you can return the products within the trial period and we will refund the purchase price. Our Customer Care team will be happy to advise you!

Repair service

Does your Antelope product need an inspection or repair? No problem! We offer you a free inspection of your Antelope items. Repairs already from €35.90!

Fast exchange of sizes

One size doesn't quite fit at the beginning? Then we'll be happy to exchange the textile and ensure that your EMS training is pleasant and comfortable. We are here for you!

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