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Efficient, time-saving, stylish

You want to get fit, you want to take your sporting performance to the next level - and fast! Can't do that? You can! With electrical muscle stimulation (EMS), you can support your training and make it more effective. All you need is the right EMS clothing from Antelope.

A young woman performs a yoga exercise in the mobile EMS suit from Antelope. She has brown, curly hair and is standing on a yoga mat next to the front of a house. The woman looks to her left and smiles as she holds her arms outstretched next to her body.

Your benefits with Antelope

  • EMS supports your training effectively and saves time: Twenty minutes twice a week is enough. Why? Because our EMS equipment challenges the large muscle groups simultaneously, providing an effective training stimulus.
  • It's suitable for all fitness levels: Do you want to get fit again or are you already training professionally? No matter how fit or athletic you are: the individual setting options in the app allow you to start from where you are right now.
  • Train how and where you want: you can use the Antelope EMS suits flexibly in (almost) any training situation. This means you always have your EMS studio with you, so to speak.
  • Top quality that looks good: A high-quality textile meets German high-tech. Our suits let you train in style, they are breathable and inhibit odour - even after sweaty sessions. Thanks to the two-piece design and three zips, they are easy to put on and take off.

How good is EMS training really?

Too good to be true! Dr Lutz Graumann - doctor of sports medicine, chiropractic and nutritional medicine - explains why he believes in EMS.

The new generation of EMS textiles

A short workout that is easy to implement and at the same time effectively strengthens the muscles. We have further developed the Antelope products and raised the bar for EMS training worldwide. These are the many advantages of the new Evolution series:

Two young women perform a fitness exercise with dumbbells in the mobile EMS suit from Antelope. They are squatting next to each other and holding the dumbbells up with one arm while smiling. A fitness studio can be seen in the background.
  • High-tech electrodes: The shape is adapted to the muscle anatomy, they are particularly comfortable on the skin and ensure pleasant, very even stimulation.
  • Custom-fit instead of unisex: We have integrated a sports bra into our new women's suits so that you can feel even more comfortable during training. And the men's models are also specially tailored to the male physique
  • More choice: In addition to the shorts, there is now also a suit with leggings - for an effective full-body workout including calves.
  • Improved booster and new app: in the Antelope Go app you will find many EMS programmes for almost every training goal. What's new is that you can save your favourite programme on the booster. This means you can now train without a smartphone.

Curious about the suits? Then take a look at them now.

Dr Lutz Graumann is convinced by the new generation of suits

Four combinations of EMS textiles by Antelope can be seen. The suit combinations are recognisable next to each other on a white background.

Discover the modular EMS system

Looks good, feels good and keeps pace with your needs: You put together your Antelope EMS equipment to suit your goals. You can train with an EMS shirt or tank top on its own or combine it with shorts and leggings. Our EMS textiles are comfortable and easy to put on. The special composition of the fabric is elastic and odour-inhibiting and the electrodes are comfortable against the skin thanks to their revised fit.

Discover the many advantages of Antelope EMS textiles now:

Take a look at the selection in the shop:

3 screenshots of the Antelope Go app can be seen on black smartphones. In addition to the programme categories, you can see the intensity controls and the description of the "Maximum strength - basic" programme.

The Antelope Go app

Everything in one app: 42 programmes for a variety of sports and different intensities for every performance level - Antelope Go is THE app for your EMS training. Whether professional or recreational athlete, sports beginner or top athlete, young or old: EMS training with Antelope offers the chance to improve muscle strength in a short space of time. And it's holistic, targeted and easy on the joints!

Our EMS programmes are as individual as you are

Everyone trains differently, everyone has different needs. How does all this fit into one app? Together with sports physician Dr Lutz Graumann, we have developed 42 programmes that cater to a wide range of sports.
What exactly is behind the Antelope EMS programmes?


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