Regeneration after sport with EMS from Antelope

Effective training requires a balance between exertion and recovery. Proper regeneration is crucial to optimally prepare your body for the next challenge. This principle applies not only to elite and popular sports, but also to active people of all ages who want to recover quickly after an exertion.

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Intelligent regeneration for your training success

Every stimulus requires an appropriate recovery phase. Whether after intensive training or a long day - we all know the feeling of being tired and exhausted. The quality of recovery influences how quickly we regain our best form. For Antelope, recovery means more than just resting. It is about supporting the body in a targeted way so that it can quickly regain its performance and be fit for the next training stimulus.

EMS regeneration by Antelope offers you a suitable selection of EMS programs for targeted support during your recovery phases. Intensive exercise and intelligent regeneration go hand in hand, because intensive exercise + regeneration = smart training!

Experience the positive effects of EMS regeneration on your own body - just try it out and optimize your training in a clever way.

Our products for your regeneration

This is what the expert says

"Slowly, in waves, a tension arises from the feet to the middle of your body, which can then fall away. And this wave-like tensing and relaxing can contribute wonderfully to the fact that we initiate recovery. We come down, the pulse goes down, the tension leaves the body and we enter the regeneration phase in a great way."

Doctor Lutz Graumann

Doctor for Sports Medicine, Chritotherapy & Nutritional Medicine

A man sits on a sofa in a living room, a woman sits in front of him. They are both wearing the EMS textiles by Antelope and regenerating. The woman is also using the massage gun and the man is using the Beurer massage seat cover for regeneration.

Optimise your recovery

Effective regeneration plays a crucial role for active people, both in competitive and recreational sports. The body's ability to absorb and process stress significantly influences the speed at which we recover and regain our performance.

Active regeneration: Depending on the intensity of the training, active regeneration is a good idea. Use special programs during a light workout, e.g. when running out, to directly address the muscles and provide an effective regeneration stimulus.

Passive regeneration: Relax on the sofa and let your EMS equipment work for you. Shaking frequencies loosen the muscles and promote blood circulation without the need for additional movement.

Competition recovery: Start your recovery during the competition to relax your muscles during breaks and prepare them for the next event. Recovered muscles are more efficient and less susceptible to injury.

A man is sitting on the floor of a fitness studio wearing an EMS suit by Antelope. He starts the regeneration program in the Antelope Go app.

How does regeneration with EMS work?

EMS regeneration helps your muscles to recover quickly after training and helps to reduce the concentration of lactate in the blood, for example. The additional electrical stimulation stimulates blood flow to your muscles, allowing your body to efficiently remove the breakdown products that occur during muscle recovery. This helps to minimize muscle soreness and speed up recovery.

Muscle soreness is caused by tiny tears, known as micro-injuries, in the muscle fibers. As the body repairs this damage, small areas of inflammation and swelling occur. This swelling often means that the affected muscle areas are less well supplied with blood. During regeneration, your body breaks down these damaged structures again and the stimulated blood circulation helps to effectively flush out the degradation products.

Get targeted support for your regeneration with the EMS programs by Antelope.

Our EMS programs for your regeneration

Regeneration active - Basis

Active regeneration means setting a noticeable stimulus without putting a heavy strain on the body. The basic program for active recovery has two advantages. Your blood flows more through your muscles and your metabolism gets going. What does this do for you? Your muscles regenerate especially well. The intensity is correspondingly low: 150 µs and 100 Hz.

Frequency: 100Hz

Pulswidth: 150µs

Duty Cycle: [1,1], [2,2]

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Regeneration active - Intensive

Regeneration is an important part of training. The intensive program for active recovery has a higher intensity than the basic version: 200 µs pulse length and 100 Hertz. This activates the muscles more intensively. The program stimulates your blood circulation and promotes the breakdown of your metabolic products.

Frequency: 100Hz

Pulswidth: 200µs

Duty Cycle: [1,1], [2,2]

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Passive regeneration, basic

Schudden en loskomen: het programma ondersteunt de bloedsomloop en stofwisseling door het gebruik van zogenaamde schudfrequenties. Je spieren worden gestimuleerd met wisselende frequenties (5 tot 20 Hertz). Omdat er geen volledige spiersamentrekkingen worden opgewekt, voelt het meer als een massage. We raden daarom af om oefeningen te doen als onderdeel van dit programma. Rust dus uit en laat het pak voor je werken.

Frequency: 5-20Hz

Puls width: 350µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 2, 4, 6, 8

Regeneration passive - Intensive

Shake yourself up – and treat your muscles to something special: This comparatively intensive and passive regeneration program has it all. "Shivering" frequencies (5–20 Hz) stimulate your circulation and metabolism. Since it does not trigger full muscle contractions, it feels more like a massage. So we recommend that you do not use this program for doing any exercises. So take it easy and let the suit do the work for you.

Frequency: 5-20Hz

Puls width: 350µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 2, 4, 6, 8

Regeneration active - Countdown

The program helps you regenerate while you do exercises under low strain. From 100 Hz, we continuously reduce the frequency to 60 Hz. Your muscles are activated by a wide range of pulse frequencies. Due to the rather short pulse length of 200 µs, the muscle contractions are not too intense and can promote regeneration.

Frequency: 60-100Hz

Pulswidth: 200µs

Duty Cycle: [1,1]

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20

Regeneration passive - Countdown

Shake out and loosen up: This program allows you to perform passive regeneration. Your muscles are stimulated at descending frequencies (40 to 7 Hz). This stimulates circulation and metabolism. You can relax completely during the program, training is not recommended. Select a period of 3 or 6 minutes.

Frequency: 7-40Hz

Pulswidth: 200µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 3, 6


The metabolism program has two functions: On the one hand, it stimulates your metabolism, and on the other hand, it stimulates the circulation of the skin and the underlying fat layers. A low frequency of 7 Hz is used for this purpose.

Frequency: 7Hz

Pulswidth: 350µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

Mindful Recovery

Combine mindfulness and recovery with "Mindful Regeneration". A wave of relaxation and regeneration for you: This unique program activates the electrodes one after the other and provides you with a unique experience. Our tip: Play relaxing music, do a breathing or meditation exercise, and let the waves take you away.

Frequency: 50Hz

Pulswidth: 200µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25


Lean back and enjoy the low frequencies with the massage program. It loosens your muscles and promotes regeneration. You also don't have to do any exercises, and can instead concentrate on the stimuli.

Frequency: 1-5Hz

Puls width: 200µs

Duty Cycle: -

Duration (min.): 5, 10, 15, 20, 25

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